The correct date formats selected at system level has been restored . If there are any issues related to the date format, please contact Thank you

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While we work on identifying the exact root cause and solution to the changed date format, the date format can be corrected manually in the systems settings:

Go to Administration ⇾ System settings ⇾ Format and design ⇾ Document date format Select your preferred date format and save.

For assistance, please reach out to 24x7 customer support by chat or email

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Lightico is investigating an issue related to the date format for NA1 users. The date format currently presented in some profiles is dd.MM.yy instead of MM.dd.yy or MM.dd.yyyy as expected. The Lightico engineering team are working to resolve this issue. An update will provided on this issue in the next 60 minutes

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Affected components
  • NA1 - North America