Lightico API Authentication Errors (SSO V.1.0)


The issue for some users receiving authentication errors via API when using the AuthenticateUser v1.0 API has now been resolved. Please contact if any problems are still experienced with API username authentication.

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Lightico have identified the root cause for some users failing to authenticate using the AuthenticateUser v1.0 API. .

This issue will be corrected overnight during scheduled maintenance window for Lightico NA1 environment at 2am EST on 20-09-2022.

As an immediate workaround, if a user is found to be failing to authenticate via API, the user can resolve the issue by completing a reset password at the following link:

If the user has been locked, a Lightico user with admin rights can unlock and reset the password in the User Management page.

We will update on this issue again, once the corrective fix has been deployed.

If assistance is required, please reach out to our support at

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Lightico Engineers are investigating reports of authentication failures for some users making use of the endpoint (v1.0) for authentication. We will provide an update on this issue in the next 30 minutes

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Affected components
  • Lightico API