Lightico - Completed documents not locked with the message "We are working on it"

After 1 hour and 59 minutes

Documents that were pending to be locked or displayed the message "we are working on it", have now been processed and locked. The document locking process is now functioning as expected. If any completed documents are still displaying the message "we are working on it", please contact Lightico Support with the session details. Thank you for your patience.

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After 57 minutes

The cause of the issue related to the locking of documents has now been resolved. There is still some delay in the locking of documents currently, we will update once the document locking process has returned to the expected service levels. Thank you for your patience.

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After 18 minutes

The issue related to the completed documents not locking has been identified. The Lightico Production Team are working to return the document locking service to function as expected shortly. We will provide and update with the next 30 minutes

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Lightico is investigating the issue related to completed documents that are not locking and state the message "We are working on it".

We will update on this issue in the next 30 minutes.

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Affected components
  • NA1 - North America